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Who Is It For?

  • Brain Injury Survivors

  • People Suffering from Brain-Related Disorders

  • Loved Ones and Advocates

  • Caregivers

  • Healthcare Providers

  • Researchers

  • Anyone seeking better brain health

Can’t Attend the Free Live Sessions?

What Is Transcranial Photobiomodulation Therapy?

Your brain's health, function and performance largely depends on the energy source of the brain cells - the mitochondria.


Research has shown that by stimulating your brain with carefully engineered infrared light, it can revitalize mitochondria.


And in turn increases neural connectivity and improves brain circulation. Therefore enhancing the overall health of the brain.


This process is called Transcranial Photobiomodulation Therapy or TPBMT . And this is where our Virtual Summit will focus on.


Our experts will explain how tPBMT shows promise in helping people with:

  • Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease

  • Parkinson’s Disease

  • Brain Ischemia

  • Depression

  • Anxiety

  • Addiction

  • PTSD

  • And many more!

But it doesn’t only help people suffering from brain-related injuries or disorders.


Using the same mechanism to help revitalize mitochondria and improve cerebral blood flow, it can also optimizes your brain for better sleep, focus, and performance.

Can’t Attend the Free Live Sessions?

We invited brain health experts who are not only trusted and respected in their fields, but also have a heart to help end the suffering of brain-related injury and disorders.


They are leading doctors, researchers, innovators, who are teaching not only from theory, but also from what they observed, analyzed and experienced in practice.


Getting in a room with even one of these speakers can be quite troublesome because of their busy schedules and hefty consultation fee.


But despite all that, these experts jumped on board on this event with a mission to share their best insight about brain health and photobiomodulation therapy. Yes, you’re in for a treat!

Meet Your Host - Dr. Joe DiDuro

Pushing the Brain Health Community Forward

  • How to Increase Brain Power for Your Loved Ones and Yourself​

  • The PRONEURO Program: A Step by Step NeuroMetabolic System of NeuroRegeneration

  • A Handbook to Rapid Reversal of Cognitive Decline, TBI, Post Concussive Syndrome, Parkinson's, Dementia and Alzheimer's

  • My Brain Matters - the NeuroMetabolic Solution

See Dr. Joe DiDuro with the world’s leading specialist in brain health and healing this February. Just click the button below and register for free.

Can’t Attend the Free Live Sessions?

The Cerebral Cortex of the Brain + TPBMT Virtual Summit

These are the people we know and trust to share the latest breakthrough in brain health to the world.

Frequently asked question

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

How do I watch the episodes?

How long is each episode?

What topics will be covered?

We will cover 5 topics in this BRAIN + tPBMT VIRTUAL SUMMIT:

  • Overview of the SCIENCE of tPBMT (we have the leading researchers of the world explaining HOW tPBMT works)
  • Traumatic events (stroke, traumatic brain injury TBI and global ischemia)
  • Neurodegenerative diseases (dementia, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's)
  • Emotional - Psychiatric disorders (depression, anxiety, PTSD)
  • Brain Optimization (biophacking secrets for More Brain Power)

Do I have to watch every episode in the series?

Why is this event free?

Can I share this event with my family and friends?

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